Corporate Involvement

HKN recruits the best and brightest electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science students at the University of Michigan. HKN demands a balance of academics, character, and community service in all of its members. To begin collaborating with HKN, contact

HKN collaborates with over 20 companies every semester for various sponsorships and campus events. HKN hosts tech talks, advertises on campus, and has helped to bring together students and companies for many years.


If you are interested in the resume book of our members, please reach out to our corporate officer (


Many companies make an HKN sponsorship a part of their campus recruiting efforts. Because of our campus presence, HKN is able to get the word out and help bring together interested students and companies. With an HKN sponsorship, companies get publicity in the heart of the engineering campus and the tax-deductible money goes towards helping our society grow to serve the University and the community better.

Meeting Presentation

Your company gets the opportunity to present at the beginning of an HKN meeting. This is a great way to get your company presence out to a large group of top-ranked EECS students. When in-person, HKN will provide food and refreshments, as well as arrange any other details. The average attendance to our meetings is 40-60 members. The cost of a meeting presentation is $900.

Tech Talk

A tech talk is a recruiting event where students will have an opportunity to personally meet your company and attend a presentation. Usually, this will take place early in the afternoon or in the evening on North Campus. This is a great way to get potential employees excited about your company, speak with them on an individual basis afterwards, and collect resumes.

HKN works to coordinate the room and food for the event when in-person, as well as advertise on campus. HKN members also get emails about all of the tech talks that we host. Further details can be worked out on a case-by-case basis. Attendance depends on timing and your company's campus presence, but 10-20 students is the average attendance. The standard cost of a tech talk is $475.

Job Postings

Also, feel free to email with any open job descriptions. We will propagate these emails to the rest of the members, who can then contact you directly.